Fabian Todt

WordPress- & Web-Developer

Who I Am

  • Enthusiastic WordPress- & web-developer
  • Combining technology, conceptual design and project management
  • Multiple years of experience in the online-marketing field
  • Focus on the development of custom WordPress solutions
  • Complete websites to specific plugins
  • Contributions in WordPress/open source community

> 7 years web-/WordPress-developer,
4 in an agency

Bachelor in project management & IT

Lower Austria (AUT)

What I do

WordPress websites

Custom Themes, editor-friendly solutions, well maintainable, modern code, block editor…

WordPress plugins

Plugins for custom requirements, open source plugins for the community and my own premium plugins.


Static frontend development, moodle plugins, internal applications, helpers and anything else you might need.

With whom I’m working


Online examination solution for which I’ve built a LearnDash extension, Moodle plugin and react mini-application.


Digital marketing agency with which I’ve been working for over 6 years – planning, building and maintaining websites.

Wien Nord Serviceplan

Large agency with which I’ve been working for over 5 years – planning, building and maintaining websites.

Agentur Nexus

Local marketing agency with which I’ve been building and maintaining websites since 2020.

If you would like to see more references, just send me a message.

My plugins & projects


Under the GoodWP umbrella, I publish my WordPress plugins and libraries.


A library of components & helpers for WordPress Gutenberg.


A simple, light-weight and extendable event management plugin for WordPress.

WP Boilerplate

Vanilla WordPress boilerplate with build & deployment tools.

Deployer WordPress

PHP Deployer tasks for deploying WordPress Sites over SSH.

Good Slider

A WordPress plugin which provides a very simple slider block which is based on Swiper.

Sharable Password Protected Posts

Share a link to anonymous users to view private and password protected posts.

Personal projects & friends

Was gibt’s zu Mittag?

German for “What’s up for lunch?”. A simple website to view all lunch menus in my local area.

‘s Beisl

Our family business for which I’m handling the website, social media and sometimes you can find me behind the bar.


Our youth culture association for organizing events in our local area.