About me

I've been in online marketing for a few years - always combining technology, conceptual design and performance marketing. Web development is my passion, but successful projects need a good concept (user journeys, channels, UX etc.) as well.

I try to contribute more then just technical development. Strategic as well as technical design are early phases in projects in which I like to contribute my knowledge and experience to gurantee the best output. I do requirements engineering and design the best architecture and tools acorrding to them.

While developing it's important for me to use the right tool for the right job and to ensure that future maintainability and extendability are guaranteed. I choose my stack out of well-proven technologies combined with new ones, if they add value.

  • > 7 years developing websites, 3 in an agency

  • BA Project Management & IT

  • Based in Vienna & Lower Austria

My Skills & Services

There's many ways I can add value to your projects. I offer a vide variety of web services. If you need anything else just let me know.

  • WordPress

    My CMS of choice für most website projects. With custom plugins, themes and a modern workflow. Also as a backend for Gatsby.

  • Web-Development

    Frontend-Development with SCSS & ES6 JavaScript (also React & Vue). Backend-Development with PHP, NodeJS or Cloud-Functions.

  • Conception & Design

    Strategic website design incl. goals, structure, UX and technical requirements. Consulting in the planning-phase of web-projects.

  • Website Maintenance

    Ongoing website maintenance incuding updates, uptime monitoring, security & seo checks, changes & fixes etc.

  • Optimization & Adaption

    Optimizing and adapting existing sites/systems or bought themes/plugins.

  • Agency Services

    Whether for a long-term cooperation or short peaks - I can help you with everything from planning to development and maintenance.

WordPress Development

Full sites, custom themes, plugin development, Elementor

  • Website Projects

    Complete websites with a modern workflow (Docker, build- & deployment-processes, dependency-management), custom theme und site-specific plugin.

  • Custom Themes

    Custom developed themes according to your screendesign, while all contents and elements are editable and configurable via WP-Admin - incl. Gutenberg blocks, ACF etc.

  • Plugin Development

    Special functionality in form of custom plugins - incl. versioning, migrations, unit-tests and update-functionality.

  • Gutenberg

    Custom blocks for custom themes or special requirements. Easily operated, reusable und extendable. Perfect for modul-based designs.

  • Gatsby

    Gatsby as static-site-generator for smaller sites with WordPress as a backend for easy maintainability and editing of contents - A fitting combination.

  • Elementor

    Sometimes a page builder is all it needs - in that case I use Elementor on top of a slim theme (e.g. GeneratePress).

Open Source Projects

  • Vanilla WP Boilerplate

    • WordPress Boilerplate
    • Docker

    Vanilla WordPress boilerplate with build & deployment tools

  • _g WP Theme

    • WordPress
    • Theme
    • Open Source

    WordPress boilerplate Theme with build-tools to be used with my WP boilerplates

Web Development

Web-Sites, Web-Application, Code-Snippets

  • Frontend

    Frontend-Development with HTML5, SCSS, ES6 JavaScript - if needed with React & Vue. Following SEO best practices, accessible and tested.

  • Gatsby

    Gatsby as static-site-generator for smaller sites. Either with static data or a CMS attached via API (WordPress, Netlify CMS,...)

  • PHP

    Web-Development with PHP on the server side - combined with CMS, frameworks (PHP Slim, Laravel) or as stand-alone scripts.

  • NodeJS

    Web-Applications developed in NodeJS - using Express as a server, NoSQL databases and Cloud hosting for easy scalability.

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript code for quick extensions (e.g. via Tag-Manager) or as OpenSource library.

Open Source Projects

  • OptInOut


    • JavaScript
    • Open Source
    • Documentation

    GDPR opt-in & opt-out handling in a JavaScript library

References & Partner

These are some of the public projects I worked on recently. If you would like to see more references (especially projects I did for agencies) just send me a message.

  • Wien Nord NOW:
  • kiwiblau
  • Youth Community Bluemonkeys
  • 's Beisl

Interested in collaborating?

I'm always open for new challenges and on a quest to find new projects and combatants.

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Whether you would like to collaborate, start a project or have any other question: I'm looking forward to hearing from you.