Hi, I'm Fabian!

I've been in online marketing for a few years now - always combining technology, conceptual design and performance marketing. Web development is my passion, but successful projects need a good concept (user journeys, channels, UX etc.) as well. Therefore, before diving into the code,s I like to work out the goals and the use cases of the project - my bachelors degree in "project management & IT" definitely helps.

I work as a freelancer and am available to agencies as well as customers/companies directly.

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I develop websites & web-apps which work for users and publishers and add value for all stakeholders.

I build:

Websites, Landing Pages, Web Apps

I use:

HTML, JavaScript
PHP Slim, NodeJS
MySQL, MongoDB

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My CMS of choice for most website projects - with custom themes, plugins and a modern workflow.

I build:

Full Sites, Themes, Plugins

I use:

Bedrock, Composer
ACF, Timber
Gutenberg, Rest API
Elementor, GeneratePress

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My Work

These are some of the public projects I worked on recently. If you would like to see more references just send me a message.

  • Vanilla WP Boilerplate

    • WordPress Boilerplate
    • Docker

    Vanilla WordPress boilerplate with build & deployment tools

  • _g WP Theme

    • WordPress
    • Theme
    • Open Source

    WordPress boilerplate Theme with build-tools to be used with my WP boilerplates

  • OptInOut


    • JavaScript
    • Open Source
    • Documentation

    GDPR opt-in & opt-out handling in a JavaScript library

  • NOW: & kiwiblau

    NOW: & kiwiblau

    • Online Marketing
    • Web-Development

    My professional home for ~3 years - still a vital partner

  • 's Beisl Website

    's Beisl Website

    • Website
    • Wordpress
    • Local SEO

    Family business #1 - A simple, sufficient website incl. local SEO

  • Zwettler Ferienspiel

    • Screendesign
    • WordPress
    • Gravity Forms

    Microsite for registering to summer-camps for children. Form-handling including conditions and processes in the back.

  • attu


    • StartUp
    • Mobile App
    • Mobility

    First own startup - built apps about mobility on the country side

You can find my open source projects, boilerplates and handy snippets on my GitLab and GitHub profiles.

My Projects

I love getting involved in local communities and turn ideas into projects.

Interested in collaborating?

I'm always open for new challenges and on a quest to find new projects and combatants.

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Whether you would like to collaborate, start a project or have any other question: I'm looking forward to hearing from you.